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In the latest Lena Lighting collection with the sonorous name of Messaggio, designed by Dorota Koziara, light has been given a new role. It has become an indicator of presence, mood and personality. The designer drew from the magic of light and colour combined together.



Light is one of the most inspiring phenomena in nature. It allows you to explore the world, recognise shapes and colours. But it also has magic, which in ancient cultures was perceived as messages sent to man throughout the Universe. That is why Dorota Koziara’s lamps collection, both with its name – Messaggio (Italian: message) and form, refers to this symbolism. The designer’s line created for the Lena Lighting brand allows light to tell a unique story about man and their interior.


Dorota Koziara’s cooperation with Lena Lighting began in 2022. The result is a harmonious line of Messaggio lamps. Composed of a variety of products, available in an unlimited range of colours, it has become the first such extensive collection in the brand’s portfolio.


– The Messaggio collection, which I designed for Lena Lighting, is the first line in the history of the brand that includes hanging, floor-standing, sconsens and wall lamps. The latter allow for creating virtually any decorative compositions, says Dorota Koziara.




Messaggio is a balanced combination of the highest quality design, intelligent technologies and art, which provides extremely wide arrangement possibilities.


The Messaggio lamps collection was inspired by a sheet of paper. It is very flexible, it can be composed into various shapes, and can also be a message carrier. This is reflected in the design of the lamps.


– I was watching thin sheets of metal that behave like sheets of paper. They can bend, wave and easily succumb to the pressure of gravity. The impression of the lightness of the material and how it can be arranged on machines reminded me of a letter, a message sent to the world. It is amazing how much paper can take and how long it retains the content entrusted to it, explains the designer.


Messaggio lamps are as universal as unconventional. They perfectly fit into almost any style, and at the same time enliven the interior with the dynamics of their form. Balanced proportions, thoughtful variants and varied colours provide unlimited solutions.  


The Messaggio collection surprises with arrangement possibilities, but also with decorative ones. The designer focused on an individual approach, taking into account personal needs and preferences. Colour, just like light, has an unquestionable influence on emotions and moods, therefore, when personalising lamps, the user can choose from dozens of shades from the RAL palette or use several combinations proposed by the designer herself. The interior and casing of the product may be of completely different colours and shades.


– Messaggio turned out to be a truly inspiring challenge for us. It is distinguished not only by an innovative form that allows for the creation of phenomenal architectural structures, but also by a wide range of colours. This is the first such extensive Lena Lighting collection, says Marzena Lesińska, Management Board Marketing Representative at Lena Lighting.


Hanging lamps can appear solo or create group installation, while wall lamps can create spectacular light walls, which can be a sole decoration of the interior, making it extremely functional at the same time.


Highly energy-efficient Messaggio lamps collection are based on LED modules. Their service life is up to 99,000 hours. The products and their emitted light can be controlled via the DALI system. Thanks to this, they enchant not only with their decorativeness, but also with interesting lighting effects, such as uneven dimming of individual products or adjusting the light intensity to individual needs.