Paweł Olszczyński for Architecture Snob







Paweł Olszczyński (1985) is a visual artist active mainly in the field of painting, drawing and graphics. He also creates ceramics. In his works, he often uses quotes from the history of art, arranges them in collages and reinterprets them.
The porcelain brooch prepared by Olszczyński for ArchitectureSnob is not only a decoration. Inspired by the form of a mask, it can become a performative object that stimulates the behavior of the host. It is related to his body and expresses certain emotions.

A brooch is a work of art that was created in a limited series of 30 pieces. Each brooch is hand-fired with porcelain and is certified.
The cost of one brooch is PLN 400 (90 EU), you can order it by writing directly to us –