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Architecture Snob magazine for the seventh time!


The seventh issue of “Architecture Snob” revolves around care and mindfulness in architecture. I understand these concepts primarily as responsibility for one’s actions and conscious planning, considering various contexts: ecological, social, ethical, aesthetic, and pragmatic. The cover story of our magazine, a conversation with Alejandro Aravena, is an excellent example of a caring and attentive architect – a leader of change in architecture who has directly influenced me as well.


Cover photo: Rita Aravena


When Alejandro Aravena became the director of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016, he invited me and Hugo Kowalski to create the “Let’s Talk About Waste” project. We later exhibited it in various places in Europe, including the European Parliament in 2017 (just before the introduction of European Union regulations on circular economy) and at the Silesian Museum in Katowice during COP24. It was one of the world’s first exhibitions that explained in an accessible way how we ended up with such a huge global waste problem. For me, it was also one of the first attempts to look for answers on how architecture can contribute to minimizing the damage we cause to the planet.


That invitation and project changed my approach to my own work and how I think about architecture. I came to realize that architects should be expected to create spaces and buildings that are as healthy for humans and as least harmful to the planet as possible. Architectural criticism should draw attention to this and popularize pro-ecological solutions while educating society in this regard. Because back then no professional media in Poland saw value in this kind of approach, I founded the “Architecture Snob” magazine.


Having said that, Alejandro Aravena’s presence in the magazine is exceptionally important to me. Without him, there would be no “Architecture Snob,” and the magazine itself would not be created with such care and mindfulness. In creating it, we care not only about content but also about sustainable process behind it. “Architecture Snob” has once again been included in the Responsible Business Report in Poland, which is a tremendous honor for us and a reminder that today, one simply cannot be an irresponsible entrepreneur.


Although optimism can be challenging in the face of ongoing climate changes, we should not give up in this fight. As the new year approaches, I wish hope, determination, and effectiveness in striving for a better future to us all.