tre product x Architecture Snob pop-up store in Warsaw



Climate and social responsibility are the main values shared by the tre product brand and the Architecture Snob magazine. The common pop-up store was created to promote these values. In the time of a progressing environmental crisis we encourage you to give up fast shopping for sustainable choices and surrounding yourself with well designed objects. We focus on good design which will serve you for years and its aesthetic value won’t pass with another trend.









tre product is a brand which focuses on practical, timeless resolutions for everyday use items – furniture, tableware and home accessories. Simple, functional projects encourages to give up what’s unnecessary and surround yourself with objects made from natural and resilient materials, which will accompany us for generations. 


Architecture Snob is a bilingual magazine and internet portal discussing architecture and design through interdisciplinary lenses, focusing mainly on ecological and social aspects of design. Architecture Snob aims to be a platform for creative discussions and cooperations for a better future of the spaces we live in – both private ones and public ones. 








tre x Architecture Snob pop-up store

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ul. Dobra 42, Warszawa