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Curated Costume Party: LIKE LUXURY

Architecture Snob x Palermo


Curated Costume Party vol.1 is behind us. The event took place on October 31, 2023, at Palermo Boutique Events in Warsaw. It was the first edition of the costume event for architects, designers and all supporters of good architecture.


The premise is simple, the event is accompanied by a motto that each participant interprets individually. The message is clear, it’s time for us to break away from work and everyday duties for a moment and spend a pleasant evening filled with conversations, dancing and creativity in creating a costume.


The slogan of the first edition was “as if luxuriously”. Luxury – what is it today and does this word still mean luxury and expensive items? How has this concept changed over the decades and finally, what is luxury today in art, architecture and design?


Taking into account the specific times we live in, all activities that reduce the negative impact on our planet may be a luxury, but is this really the case? The event participants interpreted this slogan in relation to architecture, art and design. During the evening DJ I Say Mikey played and there was a competition for the best costumes of the evening. The costumes were judged in three categories: best individual costume, best costume for a couple/group, best architectural interpretation. The substantive selection of the best costumes was supervised by a jury composed of: Przemo Łukasik (architect, co-founder of medusa group), Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka (design critic), Magdalena Lubińska (design strategist, co-owner of Palermo), Justyna Adamczyk (creator of the Academy of Luxury), Marcin Szczelina ( architecture critic, founder of Architecture Snob), Marcelina Plichta-Wabnik (co-founder of Wise Habit). The best costume for a couple/group was won by: Iza Brola-Cieśluk (Brola Bukowska Studio) together with Joanna and Piotr Juszczak (Pracownia Urbe) for the project “LuksOr or holidays in Egypt”. Their costume is a satirical interpretation of luxury observed through the prism of social media, where the visual standard is set by all-inclusive holidays, selfies with a local tourist attraction and drinks under palm trees. Together they create a tourist “landschaft” which, in the light of the current situation in the Middle East, opens up further fields for the interpretation of luxury, this time perceived in terms of peace and security.


Photo: Vlad Baranov



The award for the best individual costume went to musician Michał Szpak for “Venus”. The costume of a man dressed as a woman, wearing a silver mask, resembles a reference to the classical beauty attributed to the Venus de Milo. The golden glow of the clothing and the mysterious silver mask may symbolize the subtle play of gender identity, which introduces an element of mystery and attracts attention, just as the beauty of the Venus de Milo has delighted and fascinated for centuries.


Photo: Vlad Baranov



The award for the best architectural interpretation went to Karol Pasternak (NOKE Architects) and Szymon for the “Lustro” outfit. According to them, luxury is ‘being yourself’, and in the mirror image we see our ‘true self’. Luxury is being faithful to your style and taste, not giving in to temporary fashion.



Photo: Vlad Baranov

We would like to thank all participants for their creative interpretations of the slogan “Like luxury”. See you in a year!