We are architecture snobs. Living in this particular part of Europe which some prefer to call “Central”, while others describe as “Eastern” or “the Intermarum”. We are not indifferent to the surrounding space, the evolution of our living milieus. Instead, following in the footsteps of the eminent curator and architecture critic Aaaron Betsky whose last book was entitled “Architecture Matters”, we believe that architecture does matter. And that it leaves its trace on absolutely everyone.

Architectural concepts, designs, and constructions will usually last for generations, affecting people’s lives and imagination, shaping town district, cities, entire countries. Ultimately, they set the limits for our actions. Therefore, the better our understanding of architecture, the more real power is in our hands to make this world a better place.

This is why we want to engage and “infect” readers with the idea of debating the spaces in which we live, and the buildings within which we operate. We are convinced that architecture should not be a hermetic issue, allowed to be discussed by architects alone.

With the view to the above, we are initiating the platform www.archisnob.com and releasing the “Architecture Snob” magazine, seeing both of them as good tools and grounds for such discussion.

Using a clear, comprehensible pen, we will connect readers to the most interesting developments in architecture, design, culture and lifestyle (they obviously hardly exist without one another). We will bring the news of any meaningful debates touching on those areas abroad. We want to contribute to the international discourse with our Central European perspective, thereby promoting architecture of this part of the world; to this end, our prime language of communication will be English (all texts will be also available in Polish).